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Raum – Raumzeitkrümmung [Diskografie 1996-97] (2009)
Raum - Raumzeitkrümmung [Diskografie 1996-97] (2009)

I know of only 2 states of spaces. Either they are empty and desolate or overcrowded. Never mind! Raum had been an experimental noise rock band projekt between 1996 and 1997. This release collects all ever recorded songs. It contains the tapes: 1. “Lost tape no. 1”, 1996 (titles 1 – 6); 2. “Raum lost […]

Otolith – The Dark Side EP
Otolith - The Dark Side EP

Otolith stands for darkest ambient and isolationism. no beats, only noises and mangled loops fused to wafting soundscapes. This is the opponent of pop music. Discover the dark side of your stereo! Otolith – The Dark Side EP (192 kBit/s) Monolith1 Monolith2 Monolith3 Monolith4 release as zip stream as m3u

Agent ‘n orange – First 5 songs (1992)
Agent 'n orange - First 5 songs (1992)

In 1992 these kids tried to follow suit there idols Beastie Boys, Urban Dance Squad and alikes. Skating, spraying, acting cool. This funky, groovy Rock-Pop group did their only concert 1994 at the Motorship Stubnitz with Weep not Child, Killed on X-Mas and the Hardcoregypsies 2000DS. Listen to the sound of their funky universe. In […]

Solfall – Herbstwelt (2009)
Solfall - Herbstwelt (2009)

This album by solfall is about fleeing town. His dark electronica tries to convey how it can feel like. Solfall – Herbstwelt (256 kBit/s) Avoiding Vienna Solitude End Of August Beyond The Gate Not Everything Rain Flowers And A Rainbow Station Roads Leaving The Returners Free Solitude(original mix) release as zip stream as m3u CD […]

Spineheatt – Lebensluft EP (2009)
Spineheatt - Lebensluft EP (2009)

This EP includes 6 tracks from Spineheatts actual album “Lebensluft – Das Album”. Spineheatt is a rapper from Rostock/Germany. If you like this stuff, please take a look here for more information. Thanx for support! Props to Spineheatt and DyStyle Records Rostock! Spineheatt – Lebensluft EP (256 kBit/s) Backpacker Reloaded Atme Lebensluft(featuring K.O.N und Anomalia) […]

Microstern – Woodsman EP (2009)
Microstern - Woodsman EP (2009)

After announcement of their breakup forced by moving and leaving the city by some band members, the five set a last life sign and want to give away a little gift. Following their last album “Airplanes and Sparrows” they recorded some new tracks and packed them on an 5-track EP called “Woodsman”, which is published […]

Untertagebau – [M-INd]UStRIAL (2009)
Untertagebau - [M-INd]UStRIAL (2009)

Imagine it’s the downfall of the world that everybody listen to. Mindustrial! “One guy, one world, one mind … crammed with music. Since 1999 I’ve been trying to wave the flag for my own idea of what creative music has to be. A mixture of more or less popular electronic styles. From techno to experimental […]

para KI – No. 1 (2009)
para KI - No. 1 (2009)

para KI presents his first 2 track ep. Quite experimental, but straight enough to kick ass! “Ein Ton rieb auf, stehen musste. Nichtliegenbleiben sollte. Nichts sein. Alles. Drücken konnte. An. Aus. Nicht nichtsein. Vermutigt, geblieben.” Please, enjoy! para KI – No. 1 (256 kBit/s) hollow me brummi release as zip stream as m3u

Spineheatt vs. Projekt404 – Synergieeffekt (2008)
Spineheatt vs. Projekt404 - Synergieeffekt (2008)

This is a collaboration between spineheatt and projekt404. Pure experiment. Spineheatt fulfiled a long standing desire of adding vocals to projekt404 tunes. Thanx a lot! Spineheatt vs. Projekt404 – Synergieeffekt (192 kBit/s) Handtuch Lebensluft release as zip stream as m3u

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