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telemecanique – paradise island (2009)
telemecanique - paradise island (2009)

The crazy bunch is back. Join their 2nd release for mnblck. Dance, dance, dance!!! telemecaniquè – paradise island (256 kBit/s) the story time to go Navigationsfehler Brillianz release as zip stream as m3u

monoblock – live Mau Club Rostock 01.04.2005 (2005)
monoblock - live Mau Club Rostock 01.04.2005 (2005)

monoblock live at Mau Club Rostock 01.Apr.2005. This is no joke! monoblock – live MAU Club Rostock 01.04.2005 (256 kBit/s) Todeswalzer Legoland Schalter Aus Prostki Schaller Buttom Man Post Walkman Song 54tel release as zip stream as m3u

monoblock – september (2004)
monoblock - september (2004)

A fantastic 5 song ep by monoblock. beautiful, powerful post rock instrumentals. I love that guitar sound! Their heaviest work until today. monoblock – september (256 kBit/s) walkman song 54tel der neue schaller todeswalzer release as zip stream as m3u

tafuao – jesus 7 (2003)
tafuao - jesus 7 (2003)

the artists formerly unknown as otterwechsel are back on the map. this ep collects 4 songs from 2003. filed under instrumental/post rock. very nice. tafuao – jesus 7 (256 kBit/s) neu 1 neu 2 jesus 7 neighbours release as zip stream as m3u

monoblock – 3 Songs (2003)
monoblock - 3 Songs (2003)

3 Song ep by monoblock. These songs have been recorded in 2003. again fine instrumental indie/post rock. first time a real three-piece work. monoblock – 3 Songs (256 kBit/s) Nummer 6 Nummer 7 Nummer 8 release as zip stream as m3u

tafuao – gut heissen (2002)
tafuao - gut heissen (2002)

The artists formerly unknown as otterwechsel. Never heard before? Hurry up! This is absolutly fabulous instrumental indie rock! The artists formerly unknown as otterwechselgut heissen (256 kBit/s) borchi killer eltern killer gut heissen organismus tote spur release as zip stream as m3u

Projekt404 – Zehn Schritte hinaus (2004)
Projekt404 - Zehn Schritte hinaus (2004)

Holy shit! Here it comes. Projekt404’s 3rd album. Again a bunch of very own, unusual electro tracks. Lots of dubs and, attention please, even some harmonious tunes. Here we go! Projekt404 – Zehn Schritte hinaus (256 kBit/s) Fliegt ein Flugzeug nach Bagdad Blutroter Horizont Burgwall Dub Die Galeere Lütte Damperreis Melancholisch mit 30 Gerade ungerade […]

telemecanique – hard working man (2009)
telemecanique - hard working man (2009)

Welcome our very first techno release! Welcome telemecaniquè! Telemecaniquè is a bunch of crazy people. There are Chris Chrossfade (bassdrums laptop, keyboards, midi-controller and synths), Mrs. Goldbrandt (background vocals, Drums – beginner as yet, but she tries to practice day for day until she will become as perfect as a Korg Electribe RmkII drum machine) […]

monofloyd – friedrich franz session (2006)
monofloyd - friedrich franz session (2006)

monofloyd is a collaboration half of monoblock and projekt404. These 2 tracks were produced in their shared rehearsal room in the former “friedrich franz bahnhof” during winter 2005/2006. 1. track is a rough, noisy, melancholic smasher. 2. is a dream. monofloyd – friedrich franz session (256 kBit/s) november storm tribute to all boards release as […]

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