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Untertagebau – [M-INd]UStRIAL (2009)

Imagine it’s the downfall of the world that everybody listen to. Mindustrial!

“One guy, one world, one mind … crammed with music. Since 1999 I’ve been trying to wave the flag for my own idea of what creative music has to be. A mixture of more or less popular electronic styles. From techno to experimental electro. Imagine a steel factory in middle of a flower meadow. That’s what it should approximatly sound like. Enjoy and try to follow me.”

Untertagebau - [M-INd]UStRIAL (2009)

Untertagebau – [M-INd]UStRIAL (256KBit/s)

  2. mindustrial
  3. Fische im Garten
  4. Sternwerk
  5. Kraftstoffregenrator
  6. Industriehafen

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3 Responses to Untertagebau – [M-INd]UStRIAL (2009)

  1. para says:

    sternwerk rules!

  2. raiker says:

    hübsches gemetzel auf hohem niveau!!! biochip c alike. kennt den noch jemand?

  3. para says:

    love it!

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