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telemecaniquè – diskotheka (2008)

telemecaniqué serves a tasty live set. it has already been tape-recorded in 2008. the complete audio file has been cut into single tracks.

telemecaniquè - diskotheka (2008)   telemecaniquè - diskotheka (2008)

telemecaniquè – diskotheka (320 kBit/s)

  1. introvertiert
  2. popwonderworld
  3. das kleine elektrogewitter
  4. outside the speakers
  5. rave under control
  6. vertical experience
  7. yellow bug
  8. crazy brainstorm
  9. spielwiese (2nd edit)
  10. the story (dream mix)
  11. where is my whistle?
  12. time to go

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3 Responses to telemecaniquè – diskotheka (2008)

  1. siggi says:

    i’m a fanboy, sure thing.

  2. siggi says:

    YEAH, an album!
    and this cover … outstanding!

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