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Telemecaniquè is a bunch of crazy people.
They love nude beach life and consuming lots of flashlights.
Their musical strategy can be shortly described by four words: rip off and reinterpret.


  • Chris Chrossfade (bassdrums laptop, keyboards, midi-controller and synths)
  • Mrs. Goldbrandt (background vocals, Drums – beginner as yet, but she tries to practice day for day until she will become as perfect as a Korg Electribe RmkII drum machine)
  • Mr. Jim Tonic (always perspiring, undershirt wearing vocal contributor)



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About us
Welcome to m.n.bl.ck netlabel! m.n.bl.ck is an non-commercial internet-only music label that releases music online in the mp3 format. we distribute music of different styles, from electronic, postrock, dub all the way to some fine hardcore. all bands and projects have one thing in common. their home is rostock, north of germany. we intend to support new artists and to prevent music from getting lost in the maelstrom of time. if you're a musician or sonic artist with some kind of relationship to rostock and you're looking for a non-commercial way to release your output, please feel free to contact us. we're looking forward to get to know you. Please write an email to m.n.bl.ck!

All contents are published under a creative commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany

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