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wa:n were formed in january 1995 by former members of “Waldorf & Stadler” Olaf Heyde (drums) and Matthias Lange (bass guitar, background vocals, radio tuning). Their english mate Darren Malkin (guitar, vocals) completed the lineup. The music fortunately distinguished itself from ordinary today’s indie strumming and embarrassing metal sound. Malkin’s formative singing gave the english lyrics the right edge. sweet melodies were picked up to be alienated and to be thrown back to start at last. It seemed that Lange wanted not to understand, that bass guitar belonged to the band’s rythm section. Heyde played the drums and transformed their music to “Hart-Pop”. “Hart-Pop” that was quite a well chosen term of what wa:n were about. In 1998 Malkin left the band shortly after completing the recordings for their 2nd cd. with Tobo alias Sieghart Behrendt as a new guitar player they continued until 2002. wa:n definitely quit because of Langer left the band that year.


  • Olaf Heyde (drums)
  • Matthias Lange (bass guitar, background vocals, radio tuning)
  • Darren Malkin (guitar, vocals) (1995 – 1998)
  • Tobo (guitar) (1999 – 2001)



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